One app for the whole family

Helping family members look after their older loved ones


The family schedule to keep us all on the same page

Grandpal helps families like yours focus on the wellbeing of an older loved one. The family rota is the perfect real-time solution to know what's happening, when it's happening, and where. We're here to make things a little bit easier for you.


Half of the battle is knowing who is doing what, where, and when

Grandpal's family rota adds transparency and clarity to the mix so that your family's efforts complement each other and make you an effective a team as possible. Find that family balance and get everyone on the same page.

Smart Notifications

Smart tasks give guidance on how to make a difference

We've identified an extensive list of helpful actions, inspired by feedback from hundreds of families like yours, that can be tailored to fit whatever support or prompts you might need. You can also suggest tasks that you think should be included for your day-to-day family care.

handy reminders

Timely reminders to help when life gets busy

Keeping on top of daily life is no mean feat so Grandpal is here with some helpful nudges and automation to remove the stress factor and let you focus on what you need to.


Life is better when we work together

Care for a loved one is a shared responsibility. Whatever your family dynamic, it's important to establish a level of understanding around what the plan is and what each member feels that they can contribute to the mix.

Grandpal provides the platform for a clear view of how best you and yours can work together and be the best support possible.

"I just feel like we're all in sync now. Grandpal gives me and my siblings great peace of mind."
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Community minded

The power of your community

We understand how it feels to not always be there for your older loved ones, when the reality of life kicks in we tend to have less time than we'd like. Busy jobs, busy family lives and more means we can't always prioritise what's important, but Grandpal is here to help you with that - find someone to be there when you can’t.

Grandpal connects you with a local community member to visit an older family member when you can't be there yourself. It's about companionship. Find a Grandpal volunteer to pop over for a cup of tea and a chat and provide that meaningful one-on-one time.


We’ve pulled together some basics to help you get started.

Can I still use Grandpal if I don't have a smartphone?
How do I download the app?
Can I share this with my family?
What is the Grandpal Community?
How do I organise a Grandpal to visit when I can't be there myself?
How does this work with WhatsApp?

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