Our mission

Grandpal's goal is to ensure a better quality of life for our older generations, combatting increasing levels of old-age loneliness and bringing families together as they plan for their loved ones. This and other types of community are important sources of support for those who feel the pressure of balancing their loved ones' happiness and care with a busy everyday life.

Our mission is to help provide this sense of community and guidance towards a more stress-free way of supporting all families through the generations.

Who we are

Grandpal is a social impact company that helps family members look after their older loved ones. Whether it's to coordinate efforts, organise your time better or simply have transparency on who is doing what - our product keeps everyone on the same page. We help you schedule your life around an older loved one’s needs plus provide friendly guidance for your family to be as supportive a unit as possible.

Ruth Healy

Co-founder & COO
Ruth leads on all things operations here at Grandpal coming from a background in events, comms and editorial in Dublin. She is motivated by important community initiatives such as building towards a better supported society.

Roman Vernada

Developer Intern
Roman is a computer engineering student from France attending EPIC Tech and is honing his programming abilities with the Grandpal team. He is a vegetarian and likes to wear postman coats to keep himself warm.

William Hollacsek

Co-founder & CTO
William is the CTO at Grandpal. He makes sure Grandpal is leveraging the best technology to help families take better care of their loved ones.

Raluca Mitarca

Raluca is responsible for all the beautiful design work you can find at Grandpal. She is a designer who lives in Bucharest, Romania.

Laura Comacho

Head of Community
Laura Camacho Head of Community Laura is from Columbia but relocated to Dublin to work with Google. She left to follow her dreams of becoming a certified health and wellness coach and joined the Grandpal team to help us build a meaningful community.

Brian Daly

Co-founder & CEO
Brian lived with his grandmother for many years in Dublin where he saw first hand the need for a product to align the whole family around her needs as she got older.

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Think you'd like to help make a real difference in the world? Our Grandpal team are passionate about changing how society will take care of its older generations and we're excited to find more people that feel the same way. We’re committed towards building a learning community where you will work with diverse individuals, explore new ways of thinking, expand your skillsets, and put it all into action with the team here at HQ.

Our culture and values prioritise helping you to feel valued and supported on this mission with us, we believe that this creates the type of environment where everybody has the opportunity to excel and make an impact that will be felt by families worldwide.

Interested? Get in touch! Drop us an email with the subject line "Working with Grandpal" to contact@grandpal.co with an open application and a note on why you think this is the team for you.


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