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About Grandpal

Grandpal is a social impact company that provides person-centred care and facilitates meaningful connections between local community members and the residents of nursing homes who may benefit from some extra company.

We connect local people who have the spare time each week with a local older person who would benefit from the additional one on one time. Whether you’re looking to improve the quality of life of an older loved one, wanting to introduce Grandpal’s services to your local nursing home, or looking to volunteer your time as a Grandpal, get in contact with us today.

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Our Mission

Grandpals mission is to cure old age loneliness. It's a simple yet powerful concept that has the potential to bring communities together, creating a more inclusive environment for everyone, of all ages, in society. Our mission is to help family members provide more meaningful one on one time for their ageing parents and loved ones so they're not spending all day alone. Regular social interactions has been scientifically proven to have incredible health benefits. We're simply connecting the dots and creating a service that allows for healthier ageing in today's world.

We aim not only to provide a sense of community for Grandpals and their partnered Pals by arranging visits, but we also aim to relieve some of the pressure on the family members and allow them, too, to benefit from the support the local community provides.

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The team behind Grandpal

At the end of the day, our Grandpals are the heros and the job of our team is to support and create services for them. They are the ones who go out on a weekly basis to give their time to make someone else's day better with a smile, a chat and a cup of tea. To make this happen however, it takes a team of smart and motivated people working together in unison.

Ruth Healy

Head of Communications
Ruth leads on all things content here at Grandpal coming from a background in comms and editorial in Dublin. She is motivated by important community initiatives such as building towards a better supported society.

Laura Camacho

Head of Community
Laura is from Columbia but relocated to Dublin to work with Google. She recently left to follow her dreams of becoming a certified health and wellness coach and has joined the Grandpal team to help us build a meaningful community.

Roman Vernada

Developer Intern
Roman is a computer engineering student from France attending EPIC Tech and is honing his programming abilities with the Grandpal team. He is a vegetarian and likes to wear postman coats to keep himself warm.

William Hollacsek

Co-founder & CTO
William is the CTO at Grandpal. He looks after all the technology involved with making great visits happen between our Grandpals.

Raluca Mitarca

Raluca is responsible for all the beautiful design work you can find at Grandpal. She is a designer who lives in Bucharest, Romania.

Brian Daly

Co-founder & CEO
Brian lived with his grandmother while working for Web Summit in Dublin. He saw first hand how impactful spending quality time really was.
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How we got started

Grandpal was founded by Brian Daly and William Hollacsek in 2018 with the mission of curing old age loneliness. Brian lived with his grandmother for many years while studying and working in Dublin. He always thought it would be lovely to have a service like Grandpal to keep his grandmother company through the long days when no one else was able to visit.

Our Grandpal community has logged over 800 hours of companionship with local older people. We've had over 600 people sign up across the country, all wanting to give an hour of their week back to someone else. Our community of Grandpals are the heroes here.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

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