Make a difference in your local community

Spend time with older members of your community, making meaningful connections with those who could do with some extra visits.

Become a Grandpal, too

Because everybody needs somebody

Grandpal is a two way street where everyone benefits from great social interactions. Our Grandpals give an hour of their time each week to a local community member and in turn are introduced to a local community of like-minded volunteers. You can discuss experiences, share activity ideas or simply have a chat over a cup of tea.


Learn more about the role you play and how to be a great Grandpal

We've created some helpful short training modules to help you be the best Grandpal you can be. In the training you'll learn more about older peoples situations and how to respond effectively. Knowing what not to do is usually the most important thing be sure of.


Have an hour or two free each week and want to give back?

We can connect you to a local older person and their family who would love to have more visitors in their day to day life, you'll be making meaningful connections with those who could do with some extra company.
Apply to become a Grandpal and someone from the team will be in touch with the next steps.

Grandpal app

Everything in one place on the Grandpal app

The Grandpal App makes it easy for you to get started. After signing up you can take Grandpals lessons, join local events and get paired with a local pal for frequent visits. Before each visit, schedule the time slot you'll be popping in for and log your visits to keep a diary entry of all your visits. Update your profile, invite your friends and get the most out of the Grandpal community.


Some basics to help you get started

How do I become a Grandpal?
Can I share this with my family?
Do I have to engage with the Grandpal Community?
How do schedule my visits?
What is the Grandpal Community
Can I just use the app for my family?

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