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Estimated Average Amount For Your Nursing Home:

Important note:

Please be aware that the above information is an estimated average and not an exact number. We always highly advice to talk to a nursing home professional, preferably even directly from the nursing homes that you are targeting, to have the most accurate information possible.

If you think you are eligible for the Fair Deal Scheme: 

To determine if you are eligible for the Fair Deal Scheme, you need to undergo two assessments:

a Care Needs Assessment and a Financial Assessment.

The Care Needs Assessment evaluates if you require long-term nursing home care, while the Financial Assessment examines your income, property, and assets to calculate your contribution towards the nursing home costs. If the assessments confirm that you require long-term care and are able to contribute a portion of the costs based on your financial means, you may be eligible for the Fair Deal Scheme, in which the Irish government will provide financial support to cover the remaining cost of your nursing home care.

Please read the official website to learn more about the Fair Deal Scheme.

We always recommend to talk to an expert, preferably from the nursing homes you are targeting to be sure to get a certain answer for your individual situation.

Sources & Further Reading:
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Analysis on the Cost of Public Nursing Homes in Ireland

Average Cost

Maximum Cost

Minimum Cost

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