Signature Care Killerig

Signature Care Killerig offers luxurious, modern accommodation and high-quality care services for the elderly in Ireland.


Signature Care Killerig

Nursing Home


Private Nursing Home

Person in charge

Stefania Tiagor

Number of beds


Phone Number

059 916 3544

In the verdant heart of Killerig, Carlow lies a sanctuary of unparalleled care and serenity: SignaCare Killerig. Home to 45 cherished residents, this establishment seamlessly merges top-tier elderly care with the tranquil beauty of the Irish countryside.

For those seeking answers or wishing to delve deeper, a call to 059 916 3544 will enlighten. Under the watchful and compassionate eyes of Stefania Tiagor, every resident is treated not just as an individual, but as a cherished member of the SignaCare family.

SignaCare Killerig's affiliation with Signacare Killerig Ltd stands as a testament to its unwavering commitment to excellence in senior care. A detailed peek into their dedication can be found on their HIQA profile.

The charm of Killerig doesn’t stop at its scenic vistas. The blend of its vibrant community, historical tapestry, and the plethora of countryside activities ensures residents are always surrounded by life's finest offerings.

For those pondering a picturesque haven for their loved ones, SignaCare Killerig beckons. Reach out at 059 916 3544 and let them be part of a community where care meets nature's embrace.

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How to get there: direction to 
Signature Care Killerig

To get to SignaCare Killerig nursing home in Killerig, Carlow with the provided address R93 V5X8, follow these accurate directions:

1. Start by getting on the appropriate road that leads to Carlow. This may vary depending on your starting location.
2. Once in Carlow, continue driving until you reach the town of Killerig.
3. In Killerig, look for signs or directions to the nursing home. It is called SignaCare Killerig.
4. Use the address R93 V5X8 to help locate the nursing home accurately.
5. Follow the road signs or directions provided until you reach SignaCare Killerig nursing home.
6. If you are unsure about the exact location, feel free to ask locals or use a navigation app for assistance. Remember to drive safely and obey traffic rules while following these directions.


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Grandpal's Guide to Nursing Homes

Selecting the perfect nursing home for a beloved elder can be unexpected and overwhelming, leaving you with a lot to learn in a short amount of time. With Grandpal's guide, we aim to streamline this process, demystifying each step to help you find the ideal nursing home quickly and with confidence.

Understanding Nursing Home Options

Discover different types of nursing homes and find what's best for you and your loved one.

Selecting the Ideal Nursing Home

Get support on scheduling meetings with nursing homes, checklists to follow and

Comprehensive Care and Support Resources

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Frequently asked questions

Here are some FAQs other people ask too
Does this nursing home accept the Fair Deal Scheme?

Yes, Signature Care Killerig accepts the Fair Deal scheme. They provide a range of services and assistance to those who qualify for the scheme.

How much will I have to pay towards my care?
Under the scheme, you will contribute a portion of your (the older person in question) income and assets towards the cost of your care, typically 80% of your income and 7.5% of your assets per year. For more information on the Fair Deal scheme, check out our blog post here.
What are the visiting policies?
Family members and friends can visit this nursing home home during set visiting hours.
How do I know if this nursing home is properly licensed and regulated?
Information about registration with the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) and adherence to national standards is often sought.
How much does this nursing home cost?
Each nursing home may vary in its monthly costs. To confirm, we suggest reaching out directly to this particular nursing home. For an immediate estimate of the average monthly expense, please use our complimentary Nursing Home Cost Calculator here.

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