Nursing Homes use Grandpal to build strong, active communities of volunteers to add additional value to their residents providing them with the one on one time they need to benefit from.

Forward thinking nursing homes recognise the benefit of reaching out to their local communities for support with delivering meaningful one on one time for their residents. They are homes who put their people first by making sure their psychological needs are met. Below are just a few of the nursing homes paving the way for a new standard of care for their residents.

For nursing homes

Grandpal is all about companionship. We believe that everyone can benefit from more social interactions, especially residents of nursing homes. Providing extra visits for your nursing home residents can help to alleviate their loneliness and improve quality of life, on an individual scale and even in the nursing home as a whole.
Everyone in the nursing home benefits from having some friendly locals coming to visit.

For residents and family members

Grandpal visits take place in the residents nursing home. Nursing homes contain a range of locations for visitors and residents to socialise such as the social room, the resident's bedroom or even in the nursing home garden if the Pal would like to go for a short walk.

"You've given me the best gift you could ever give me... A friend"

Currently, all visits happen within the nursing home premises. This ensures familiarity and means nursing home staff are always close by if for whatever reason a visit ends prematurely. Grandpals should not leave the nursing home with their Pal unless they are accompanied by a member of the nursing home staff.

Vetted and trained

The safety and standard of our community is, and will always be, our fundamental priority. Our recruitment process is detailed and secure as everyone who signs up to be a Grandpal is screened by a member of our team. Once our Grandpals have been Garda vetted, they also must complete a series of training modules on the Grandpal App so that they are prepared to handle various potential situations in the nursing home environment.

Who are our Grandpals?

Anyone who is friendly, respectful, helpful and kind can become a Grandpal. Generally, we see a lot of interest from Babyboomers who have recently retired or have grown up families and have the spare time on their hands. For us, it is a priority that each Grandpal is personable and of a high standard.
We value our Grandpal community and prospective Grandpals must first be approved by a Grandpal team member before they meet nursing home staff.

Nursing Home Case Studies

Meet just a few of the nursing homes who've brought Grandpal into the lives of their residents. All together the Grandpal community has delivered over 1,000 hours of companionship for residents in a nursing home setting. It's changed up their days in the most positive of ways.
These nursing homes have reached out to their local communities for support and have brought in smiling locals to bring something different into their members day to day.

The Fern Dean

The Virtue project team managed the design, build and fit-out of The Fern Dean, a high end 92 bed nursing home facility in the suburb of Blackrock, Co. Dublin. This involved procurement of the site, full design of the building in line with regulatory requirements, management of the design, construction phase and full procurement of fit-out and registration of the facility. Virtues executive team were involved in resourcing of all staff.


In 2018 they approached Grandpal to enhance the social care service for their residents. They wanted to go above and beyond to provide meaningful one on one time for their residents and through the Grandpal community they have done exactly that.

Elm Hall

Elm Hall Nursing Home is a 62 bed care facility just on the outskirts of Celbridge, Co.Kildare. Having had a change of management in 2018, the new team embraced change and innovation and have made drastic improvements to the care of residents including joining Grandpal.

Elm Hall have 15 Grandpals who make weekly visits to residents they've been paired with. The feedback we've received from the residents and their family members has been truly heart warming.

15 Grandpals 600 Hours

Award Winners