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Helping families look after their older loved ones

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"I just feel like we're all in sync now. Grandpal gives me and my siblings great peace of mind."

Ellen, 11/03/2020
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So nothing slips through the cracks

We're just so in sync, it's great.

"I just feel like we're all in sync now. Grandpal gives me and my siblings great peace of mind."

Karen, 11/03/2020

Grandpal guides families through the process of their parents ageing.
There are endless ways to plan for buying a house, getting married or having children but why not the most guaranteed milestone of all? We ensure that you are better educated, prepared and supported for the inevitable – a person you care dearly about getting older.

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Health and happiness when your circle checks-in

With Grandpal, your circle comes together to be there for an older loved one when they need it the most. Our mission is to improve the wellbeing of our older generations. Let Grandpal be your guide.

In the media

Keeping connected from a distance. Grandpal is a software product built around helping families improve the wellbeing of older members. It focuses on food, medication and social interactions, making sure fridges and cabinets are full while also giving oversight on who is visiting and when.


On the Inside Intercom podcast, H.O.M.E series.

"Social distancing doesn’t have to mean social isolation, and actually one of the things families and neighbors can do most is call an older person in their lives”


Listen into Jess Kelly's conversation with Grandpal founder, Brian, on the Tech Talk portion of Newstalk. They speak about getting Grandpal off the ground and what's next.


An Irish start-up is offering companionship and new friendships to elderly people, connecting nursing home residents with local visitors to provide extra company.