7 ways that Grandpal helps your care during COVID-19

Ruth Healy

There is a long way to go before we can get back to normal and it's more important than ever to keep this in mind as countries move through "Phases" or similar to find a safe path out of lockdown. We must continue to #HoldFirm for our older and vulnerable members of society so that we can protect and keep them safe.

It's our belief that we will emerge from this a more caring society, thinking more about our older loved ones. Grandpal is here to help with that. Try it for free here.

1. Nothing is missed

Now more than ever, family and friend circles must organise themselves around their parents, grandparents and older loved ones' needs. Grandpal provides a transparent way to log details, activity and notes around their care so that it's all in one place, for everyone to see. The app's friendly reminders and notifications keep you on top of things and gives some peace of mind during these strange times.

2. A family schedule

For clarity and ease organising your care, having a schedule in place between close family and friends helps make sure essential things are getting done. On Grandpal, use the calendar for a clear view of what is happening on what day.

Today's date appears highlighted in a darker solid yellow, the selected day is highlighted in a lighter yellow and if something is scheduled on a specific day, it will have a small dot under the date. Clicking on the Grandpal logo will bring you back to the current day.

3. Top tips on care

During these pandemic restrictions, we know that you have even more to be aware of when providing your older loved one's care. Grandpal is full of relevant content and resources to make sure that you are informed, prepared and supported for all stages of the inevitable — a person you care dearly about getting older.

4. Learn where you can help out

The app identifies lots of ways to chip in plus allows you to appreciate those who are caring in ways you can't. By using Grandpal to commit to improving an older loved one's life, you're able to share this commitment, and hopefully encourage others to do the same.

5. Share the care

Grandpal works best with other people, especially during this time of crisis, so get more of your older loved one's care circle involved. Simply head to the family management screen and select 'Add'. You'll be given a link you can share anywhere you like with someone to join your Grandpal Circle.

6. A holistic focus on their quality of life

The app is contributed to by medical and elderly care experts. Grandpal's suggested tasks will always highlight a broader hierarchy of needs for a well-rounded, accessible attitude to care. For example, we've learned that it's just as important to be there for an older loved one in a social capacity if we want to look after both their mental and physical health.
With the app, you see how your older loved one's overall wellbeing is - and everyone learns how even little gestures can add up to make all the difference.

7. You don't have to physically be there

Family members who live both near and far have roles to play and can all contribute thanks to the app. Use Grandpal to find ideas on how you can bring happiness to an older loved one and play a part in their care.

COVID-19 has meant that things have changed a lot for your older loved one and Grandpal are here to support you through that change. As we age, it's not always a simple as dealing with one ailment or one turning point at a time, so it's important that those stepping up to provide elderly care have all of the possible resources to feel confident in that care, improving the quality of life of our older loved ones for generations.

Let us know your thoughts by getting in touch at contact@grandpal.co or drop us a message on Facebook or Twitter.

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