A companion in Crooked Foot

I was speaking with my grandmother yesterday. She is in her mid-90s and lives in New Mexico. She lives alone and is currently in the midst of a two week quarantine due to her caretaker testing positive for COVID-19.

My grandmother said that it's certainly a lonely time at the moment but she finds inspiration every day from a young roadrunner with an injured foot who comes to her door every day around lunchtime seeking food.  She's turned this into part of her daily routine: he shows up every day; she lets him into her gate; he hops around her front patio and then goes into her backyard and hops around; he jumps up on her wall and looks into her window, etc.  She even has given him a nickname which I can't remember at the moment. *Updated: "She calls him Crooked Foot!!"

For so many of the wonderful seniors in our lives, it's a lonely time.  I haven't been able to visit my grandmother in nearly a year, but I'm inspired by her stories of discovery and friendship.  She's doing what she can to find wonder in a difficult situation.

As told to us by Cody Simms.


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