A rare moment to connect

Image description: Over the course of the day, Kevin sat with 66 people. This photo captures an encounter with one such brave soul.

"A few weeks ago I sat on Grafton street for 5 hours giving people a chance to sit down with me and share a moment of connection. We were of course separately by Plexiglas.

An 80 year old Italian man with no English urged his son to ask me if he could participate. He slowly made his way to the ground, crossing his legs despite me offering to stand up for him using his son as our joint translator.

We spent a wonderful minute full of rich connection where no words were spoken. He stared at me calmly sharing his wisdom, his peaceful state and you could tell there was so much love in this man’s heart.  It was incredibly difficult fighting the urge to hug this stranger I had just met. He seemed eager to connect on a deep level and I was so happy to see this older generation man so keen to participate. We both said Grazie many times before he went on his merry way with his wrinkled face aged by wide wonderful smiles and arm interlinked with his proud son. It is funny to learn so much from a man who said nothing to me.”

As told to us by Kevin Pigott


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