Conversations for Generations

As these strange times continue, Grandpal are committing to gather and share as many chats, anecdotes, tales, and short stories as we can from every and any corner of our memories and networks to celebrate ageing, as well as help evolve our understanding of what getting older means today.

This is something we're calling  #ConversationsforGenerations

We're asking - do you have a heart-warming or eye-opening short story around an older loved one or that celebrates ageing? See some examples here and here.

How do I share my story?
Three simple steps!

1. Let us know you want to be involved
You can quickly express your interest using this form or email us with "I have a story to share" to We'll then be in touch. If you've done this already then skip ahead to step 2!

2. Put pen to paper

Text or type out your tale! Email us the story - it can be a moment, a chat, something you saw, a memory from years ago or anything like this that comes to mind. These stories are casual and in whatever format you like to write. Like you were telling a friend what happened in a WhatsApp message, or even a tweet. Looking for about 250 words, give or take. We won't be too strict but use the examples shared as a guide.

3. Include a picture

Do you have an image or a photo that best represents your story? Include that in the email too! If you don't have this we can suggest some ideas...

We'll then share your story on social plus here on our blog to spread the positivity and hopefully inspire more sharing and appreciation of our older loved ones!

Why are Grandpal sharing Conversations for Generations?

2020 has taught us many things so far. Pausing time and readjusting priorities, it's been a very strange year.

In many ways it's simplified how we look at things like family, wellbeing, support, happiness. Now when we think of older loved ones we know that our peers, communities and society as a whole are also facing the same concerns and challenges.

Before maybe we struggled on our own. Didn't share the burden but also didn't share the insights and learnings. Here at Grandpal we see this shift in behaviour and conversation as a path to long lasting change in overall perspective as to how we see and understand older members of society.

Older persons in our communities can be valued and celebrated as mentors who are capable of guiding their families and peers with hard-earned wisdom. Throughout most of history, the "elders" of the tribe or community were revered and seen as "the wise one". Their role in society was respected as they were viewed as "the wisdom-keepers", who distilled their life experiences and passed on their knowledge and values to the younger generations.

While we learn to share, while we learn to ask for help, and while we find new ways to be there for our older loved ones - we can also celebrate the wonders of ageing, elderhood, and experience by celebrating them as people first. Contributing to and sharing #ConversationsforGenerations is just one of the ways we can do this!

COVID-19 has been utterly life changing for society, let's keep its vulnerable front of mind 💛

Do you have a heart-warming or eye-opening short story around an older loved one or that celebrates ageing? Let us know here and help spread the positivity!

Be there for an older loved one, from anywhere.