Coronavirus: How Grandpal helps your family stay safe

Your Grandpal Handbook
Brian Daly
May 12, 2020

It's an important time for Grandpal to shine. Our mission has been long about improving the lives and wellbeing of our older loved ones — this continues to be true to this day.

Grandpal guides family members through the process of their parents getting older. As we age, we face a number of health related challenges and our focus has been on reducing these ailments through the power of connection and community spirit. The simple act of human interaction alone has been scientifically proven to be a positive influence on healthy ageing. While the novel coronavirus has put a stop to the Grandpal community visiting older neighbours on a daily basis, it's forced us to think about how family and friend units have to organise themselves around their parents, grandparents and older loved ones needs.

Grandpal supports you through these tough times, guiding you through the new challenges in your day-to-day by keeping everyone on the same page. Suggested smart-tasks, family schedules, friendly reminders, plus relevant content and resources means that you are better informed, prepared and supported for the inevitable — a person you care dearly about getting older. Family members who live both near and far have roles to play and can all contribute thanks to the Grandpal App identifying lots of ways to help out, as well as show appreciation for others who are helping in ways you can't.

We support you when things start to change for your older loved one —there is a point of inflection in the type of care they need after a fall, a dementia diagnosis or simply when ageing really starts to takes its toll. These inflection points can be incredibly tough on everyone. COVID-19's impact on millions around the world means a massive change for people caring for older family members. This is a huge inflection point for that care. This is a tough time.

In the next few months things will start to go back to a somewhat normal state for many, but until the world is vaccinated we will need to be on our toes and conscious when interacting with the more vulnerable members of society. It's more important than ever before to have a schedule in place between close family and friends to make sure essential jobs to be done are getting done. Families need to know that someone is looking after food requirements. They need to know who in the family is looking after medical pick ups and as a unit, we need to be there for an older loved one in a social capacity.

While we support each other through this current inflection point, we know there are so many also trying to cope with the more traditional changes that older people go through such as being diagnosed with Alzheimer's, having a stroke, or coming to terms with the idea of a nursing home move. We're here for you through it all. For the next three months we're extending our public beta free of charge for all of the families finding Grandpal the way to getting everyone on the same page around their older loved one's needs. This is what is important right now and this is what we believe is going to help families to stay safe. Why not try it out for yourself?

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