Have you heard how Mental Health Ireland supports people through difficult times?

Mental Health Ireland CEO, Martin Rogan, recently spoke with Grandpal about loneliness and mental health in an incredible conversation that provided so many insights into the truly great work that MHI has being doing in Ireland since 1966. Mental Health Ireland (MHI) is a national voluntary organisation with a number of roles, mostly focused around promoting positive mental health and wellbeing for the whole community at all life stages.

MHI supports people in difficulty with mental health needs, supporting those with lived experience of mental health challenges in their recovery and bringing practical expression to national policy objectives. They work very closely with health services and a whole range of NGO partners. MHI also has a strong network across many different sectors from sports, civic, music, arts, and the educational arena as well.

Mental Health Ireland's values include:

  • We believe that everyone is entitled to inclusion in society and opportunity for personal fulfilment
  • We believe in the right of everyone to be treated with dignity, respect and equality
  • We believe in the right of those experiencing mental health difficulties to be supported in their recovery
  • We are committed to transparency in our work and compliance with the highest ethical standards

What's most impressive is how Mental Health Ireland has been an innovator in the promotion of positive mental health and wellbeing in Ireland for almost half a century. They're now at the interesting point of refocusing the mission and regenerating our activity to support our new vision; for an Ireland where mental health is valued as being an essential part of personal wellbeing and the health of the nation.

One is goal is that Mental Health Ireland will lead the way in informing Irish society’s understanding of mental health and fostering a culture where people with mental health difficulties are respected and supported. This culture of listening, learning and understanding is so key to how our societies are going to develop and grow - fear of the unknown should never be an obstacle when we all share so many of these experiences. This is why Grandpal were so delighted to have this conversation with Martin and help share this culture even further in our own journey to help families be there for their older loved ones.

As we continue to understand mental health and wellbeing further, it's motivating to see people embracing a range methods of caring for their loved ones by being in touch regularly, checking in, alleviating loneliness, providing comfort and focusing on overall happiness and wellbeing. The social side of care.

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Learn more about Mental Health Ireland here. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to contact@grandpal.co or avail of MHI's resources via info@mentalhealthireland.ie. You can also call them directly on (+353) 01 284 1166.

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