Grandpal for Nursing Homes FAQs

Grandpal for Nursing Homes

What is Grandpal?

Grandpal is a service that matches community members who have a heart for giving with a local older person who would benefit from having the additional one on one time.

Are the Grandpals Garda Vetted?

Yes, all Grandpals are Garda Vetted with the Nursing Home they are assigned to, just like any other volunteer.

We work with the Grandpals to fill out the NBV-1 Vetting Form before your meeting to speed the process up.

What does the onboarding process look like?

Grandpal looks after the recruitment and screening of the Grandpal volunteers.

Once we find suitable candidates we share them with the Nursing Home for a ‘second round interview’ to make sure you’re happy with the people we’ve selected.

We work with your Grandpal to fill out the NBV-1 Form to speed up the Garda Vetting process. Once the Garda Vetting is returned, a member of the Nursing Home staff introduces the Grandpal to their resident and gives a little background information to allow for good conversations.

Does Grandpal provide volunteer agreements?

Yes, all necessary volunteering agreements are provided by Grandpal. Signed copies of these can be found on your Grandpal for Nursing Homes dashboard in each of the Grandpals Profiles.

What is our duty in the screening process?

Grandpal recruits and screens high-quality volunteers for your Nursing Home. We do ask that the Nursing Home makes some time to interview the Grandpals and run the Garda Vetting when happy.

Do the Grandpals receive training?

Yes, the Grandpals are given high-level training in their Grandpal app. These trainings help them understand what their role is and more importantly is not as a Grandpal. Other areas of training include: Safeguarding for Vulnerable Adults, How to Communicate with someone living with dementia, Manual Handling and Mobility

Any onsite specific training required from the Nursing Home, such as Fire Safety, we ask the Nursing Home to provide.

Can we see when the visits are happening?

Yes, each of our Grandpals schedules their visits in their Grandpal app. When they schedule a visit, it's saved to your Grandpal for Nursing Homes dashboard under the calendar section.

Do we get an update on how the visits went?

Yes, after each visit, we ask the Grandpals to Log a Visit. Logging a visit takes about 15 seconds and is a small snippet of information to show how the meeting went. This can be copied for your resident's progress reports and is always handy to have on file in case of a random HIQA inspection.

Does Grandpal comply with GDPR?

Yes. Grandpal is in full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Who are our Grandpals?

Anyone who is friendly, respectful, helpful and kind can become a Grandpal.

Generally, we see a lot of interest from Babyboomers who have recently retired or have grown up families and have the spare time on their hands.

For us, it is a priority that each Grandpal is personable and of a high standard. We value our Grandpal community and prospective Grandpals must first be approved by a Grandpal team member before they meet nursing home staff.

What do the Grandpals do with the residents in our Nursing Home?

Grandpal is all about companionship. The residents who you think would benefit from an additional one on one time with a local community member are paired up for weekly visits with their Grandpal. We leverage the power of local communities to provide companionship that's personalized, seamless, and most importantly, effective.

Where do the visits take place?

Grandpal visits take place in the residents nursing home. The visits can take place in the social room, the resident's bedroom or even in the nursing home garden if the resident would like to go for a short walk.

Currently, all visits happen within the nursing home premises. Grandpals should not leave the nursing home with their pal unless they are accompanied by a member of the nursing home staff.

How long should each visit be?

While we encourage our Grandpals to visit at least once a week, there is no set time limit for Grandpal visits. This is dependent on how the resident feels that particular day and also how much time the Grandpal feels they can dedicate.

We want each visit to seem like a visit from an old friend and so do not have place residents or Grandpals under time constraints. However, if for whatever reason a members of nursing home staff wish for Grandpals to visit at a particular time/day or cut a visit short, Grandpals will be completely accommodating and flexible.

Is every visit to be monitored by our staff?

No. After the first visit has taken place, each meeting generally concerns the resident and their Grandpal.

Of course, if the resident is feeling tired or unwell or if the nursing home staff member is concerned for any reason, they are able to intervene.

I want to ask a question which is not covered in this FAQ.

We are always happy to hear from our Grandpal community and partnered nursing homes. If you have a question which is not covered in this FAQ, don’t hesitate to schedule a call with us online.

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