The Grandpal Community Playbook

Your Grandpal Handbook
Laura Camacho
May 12, 2020

As hinted at before Christmas, we have been working hard behind the scenes to build out as much guidance and support for our community as possible. Thanks to all of your input and feedback we have put together this Grandpal Community Playbook as both an important outline of what being a part of our community requires as well as an honest reflection on the type of community that has been organically built by the wonderful people who have helped us to grow Grandpal this past year and a half.

Mission and beliefs

We are a group of volunteers that support our local communities by offering companionship to older people in nursing, or their own homes. Our purpose is to combat old age loneliness by spending meaningful one on one time with older people in need.

Our core values

Compassion 👭Our intention is genuine and selfless, always driven by the greater purpose of making a difference in others’ lives. We will show kindness, caring, and willingness to help others

Commitment 🤝We acknowledge that by signing up as a Grandpal we acquire a commitment with the resident and will always fulfil it by showing up and bringing the best version of ourselves.

Respect 🙇We treat Pals, families, nursing home staff, and peers with respect, recognising their individuality, preferences and privacy.

Our guiding principles

Self-drive 👏 We are a self-driven community of volunteers that support each other and share best practices to stay engaged and motivated.

Proactivity 💪We will bring new ideas to help the community become better and stronger.

Transparency 🗣️We will speak up and provide open feedback.

We recognise the importance of having a Community Leader to orchestrate the different initiatives and will provide our support when required.

Our operational principles

Local 🌍We will support Nursing Homes and families located in our neighbourhood and will engage with other Grandpals of the same geographical area.

Onboarding 📖We are aware and understand the importance of the onboarding training, therefore, we will commit to complete it before scheduling the first visit.

Organised 📱We understand that the Grandpal App is designed to make the experience positive for the elders as well for us. Therefore we will use it to book our appointments and provide feedback after each visit.

We acknowledge the importance of having a Community Leader in our geographical area to energise the community of volunteers.  We will support him/her by participating in the activities organised; also by sharing our best practices and providing feedback when necessary.

Community Leaders

We are a group of leaders passionate about Grandpal's mission and committed to helping grow the community of volunteers by maintaining a healthy level of engagement of our members. Our purpose is to develop a happy, engaged and committed community of volunteers to support the growth of Grandpal by leveraging our experience to scale knowledge, best practices, and motivation.

Our core values

Support 👭our main role is to support Grandpals during their journey and provide them with tools to improve their experience, preventing isolation.

Respect 🙇we will recognise and respect the different perspectives and motivations of our Grandpals.

Inclusiveness 🤝despite our differences, we will aim to consider diverse activities to meet the interest of the majority.

Proactivity 💪we conceive this community as a self-driven community; therefore we will be proactive to recommend activities oriented to strengthen the community.

Our operational principles

Each group will have a community leader that will lead the operation in their area, with the support of the extended Grandpal team. The leader will be initially elected by Grandpal management, initially for a 3 month period which can be extended to 3 additional months depending on their interest and performance, for a maximum of 2 consecutive periods.

Community Leader criteria

  • Leadership skills: Has influenced groups, teams, communities towards common objectives.
  • Passion: How passionate is this person about Grandpal and willing to grow it. How active are they in the community?
  • Motivation: What is this person’s interest and willingness to commit to being a Community Leader?
  • Demonstrated experience as Grandpal: Has completed at least 8 visits


  • Be the bridge between the community of volunteers and Grandpal management.
  • Support the growth of the community of volunteers.
  • Provide logistic support to run the activities.


  • Buddy program onboarding: When requested, the community leader will support the on-boarding process of new members in their community, especially when running the first visit.
    Grandpal Get-Togethers: Community Leaders are responsible for organising monthly “get-togethers” with the local community of volunteers. In order to achieve this goal, they should:
    - Identify the main interests of the community and select the activities more aligned to them
    - Present a 3 month plan that includes the activities to be organised as well as the budget required.
    - Once approved, coordinate the logistics of the event (venue, food, activities)
    - Grandpal management will provide the financial resources to cover event expenses. Community Leaders should submit receipts to be reimbursed or use a debit card provided by Grandpal.
    - Report back about the event: pictures, feedback of attendees, expense reports (when required).
  • Best practice sharing: community leaders should send to the Grandpal team best practices of the local community to be shared with the extended community.
  • Community growth: When requested, the community leader will support the interview process of candidates and provide feedback.
  • Timely feedback: Leaders are the “ears and voice” of their community. When needed, they should provide open feedback on challenges or issues.
  • Reporting: Community leaders should be available to talk to the Grandpal team once a month to discuss progress.

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