The many skills of a seamstress

The spool of thread asked “Howya doin’ pal?” Ever the wise guy, the needle replied “Sew, Sew”

My granny Tess was brilliant with a needle and thread. She was a talented dressmaker and the go-to seamstress for big and small jobs. As fluently as we use computers today, she used her singer sewing machine to make wedding dresses, communion dresses, suits and more... and she used me more than once to model the flower girls dresses as she appended the final details.

Tess was an entrepreneur. She had her own business, mostly built on word of mouth. The house was always busy with clients coming and going for fittings and manikins covered in beautiful materials. The ‘bigger I get’ the more I recall the wonderful life skills and lessons she taught me. When I was starting out in my career, she told me, very wisely, “not to do too much work for free, as people will take advantage of it and the work won’t be appreciated".

Another life skill was teaching me how to sew :)

As told to us by Brian Daly.

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