Winners of NHI Care Award

Last week we attended the annual Nursing Homes Ireland conference in Citywest Dublin. It’s a once per year opportunity to get in front of all the major decision-makers in the nursing home industry in Ireland.

Hats off and congratulations to the NHI team on organising this vital conference for 10 years now. It’s an opportunity for everyone to come to get together, share and learn from one another. From having an exhibiting table to content on the day, everything ran super smooth and was of super high quality.

The morning kicked off with Simon Harris TD and Minister of Health addressing the room and recognising the imbalance between public and private nursing home subsidies along with reaching out the NHI to have an open dialogue for ongoing improvements as our population continues to age. "It’s been a tough number of years to be a nursing homeowner. You’ve been asked to make big changes – changes I will absolutely standover, changes in relation to HIQA guidelines and regulations, but changes that have been stressful, and changes that have come at a cost. And you haven’t been remunerated for that cost. So we need to look at how we can rebuild our relationship based on mutual respect because we are all in this together."

We’re hopeful there will be a strong, on-going conversation with NHI on how to best serve the nursing home sector. Simon was also a very big fan of Grandpal. I was lucky enough to grab his attention on his way out after his opening remarks to tell him more about our community and our plans or the future. Pictured below is Tadhg Daly, CEO of NHI, Simon Harris, TD and Minister for Health, and Brian Daly, CEO of Grandpal.

Tadhg Daly, Simon Harris and Brian Daly with Grandpal at the Nursing Homes Ireland conference
Tadhg Daly, CEO of NHI, Simon Harris, TD and Minister for Health, and Brian Daly, CEO of Grandpal.

It was an early start for us and a long day but we enjoyed every minute of it. Brian and Laura from the Grandpal team had the opportunity to meet with lots of nursing home operators and owners to tell them all about Grandpal and the 800+ hours of companionship our community delivered in 2019. We got a great response from everyone we spoke with and keen interest which we’re confident will turn into more Grandpal locations spinning up in the near future.

Fast forward into the night time agenda, where we had been shortlisted for the prestigious NHI Nursing Home Community Initiative award. And we won! Thanks again to David Wallace and the Elm Hall Nursing Home Grandpal team who submitted the application and the 15 Grandpals in Celbridge Co.Kildare for their commitment to visiting their residents. 

As David put it himself, “Our Grandpal Team is officially an award-winning team, but more importantly, Grandpal is an award-winning concept and I hope that all the Grandpals can feel a sense of shared pride in the amazing contribution that all of you are making to the lives of Older People. Huge thanks to Brian and William for their vision and dedication in founding Grandpal and to every volunteer who gives their time each week. You are some of the best people I have the pleasure to know. Can't wait to meet the rest of the group at the end of year meet-up. - David, Elm Hall Nursing Home”

The Elm Hall Nursing Home Grandpal Team

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