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We're all a little uncertain at the moment with regards to COVID-19. The Grandpal Virtual Coffee Shop lets you chat with others in the Grandpal community. Minimising contact is so important right now, especially for our older loved ones, so our goal is to continue providing great social interactions in a virtual forum and help you connect with people who could do with a chat over a friendly 30-minute call.

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Bringing families together

The GRandpal App

Our Virtual Coffee Shop is just the start. The Grandpal app helps families like yours focus on the well-being of an older loved one, giving transparency and clarity to the mix so that your family is as effective a team as possible

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With this current pandemic, Grandpal wants to share our expertise and learnings in the space of elderly care during this new phase of social distancing and prevention of disease spread.

For all ageing loved ones, there can come a time when they need a little more from the family and their organic social network. This ranges all the way from companionship to a lot of extra help and care — the latter triggered by an event that is generally out of anyone's control. Grandpal guides families through these tougher times with our easy-to-use phone application, giving organisation, helpful information and overall peace of mind.

Official messages from, HSE & WHO

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Helping family members look after their older loved ones

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